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We are specialized in synthesizing complex molecules, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, nutraceuticals, intermediates, key starting materials, impurities, glucuronides, chiral compounds. We are concentrating on creating research compounds on-demand in quantities ranging from mg to kg. In conjunction with our commercial partners, we also provide Contract Research Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) for large-scale projects.

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Unmet technical needs in pharmaceuticals:

  • Unmet technical needs in the pharmaceuticals industry such as new impurity formation in the stability will be identified and characterized appropriately and supported for filing.
  • Process efficiency, cost reduction, solvent reduction, process time reduction, yield improvement.
  • Regulatory query response with fast forward development team to synthesis complex GI, MI to support regulatory filing and approval.
  • Resolving polymorphic issues.

Quality Policy

Perseverance is dedicated to providing a range of goods and services that constantly abide by international legal and regulatory regulations.

Perseverance is committed to guaranteeing the quality, reliability, and consistency of its goods and services by certifying they are created and supplied in accordance with the necessary requirements via the use of suitably validated techniques and methods.

Perseverance is dedicated to enhancing quality and productivity on a continuous basis by the execution of local authority practises and operations built on quality assurance.

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Sugammadex sodium related

Rivaroxaban related

Lobeglitazone related

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